National Virtual Observatory

WCSFIXER - A Web-Enabled IRAF Plate Solver

Required Input Options
Image File:
or    URL:
Reference Catalog:

Step 1: Input image name or URL
    Only single FITS files are now allowed, future versions will permit VOTables and multi-image files.
Step 2: Choose Reference Catalog
    The USNO catalogs are locally hosted for speed, other catalogs are accessed from databases elsewhere.
Step 3: Submit
    Results are displayed during execution. A live solution is shown at right.

Advanced Input Options

Input Options
  Clip catalog to image boundary?
  Ellipticity filter?
 Split Objects?

Starting WCS Guess
Advanced Output Options

Output Options
  Plot coord grid   Compass
  Fill circles   Reverse video
Results Summary
Status:   Waiting for input file....

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